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    Word templates/networks (Off97/2000 NT4/Win2000)

    What's the best approach to deploy a Word template in an environment where 97's and 2000's MS Word releases must co-exist? The templates have built in code (lots of it), so I wondered what't the best way to minimize the hassle of updating project references on each and every computer.

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    Re: Word templates/networks (Off97/2000 NT4/Win2000)

    Which references are you talking about?

    If you build the template in W97 and reference other office components, W2K is USUALLY smart enough to fix the references to the appropriate versions

    Other than that, you can create a network directory and set the Workgroup Templates path to that directory.

    Under this directory, create 2 sub-directories, one for W97 templates and one for W2K templates.

    You will need to maintain 2 separate templates though, one for W97 and one for W2K.

    Hope this gives you some ideas. If not, post more details about the references you use.
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