You're cookin along, having a great time when all of a sudden your monitor light is yellow instead of green. The screen is black and will not switch back on.

Well after hours of going crazy trying to figure out what went wrong, replacing the monitor with an old Gateway 2000 EV700 (which also did not work) and cussing at XP (who I blame for every ill of the world) I read the manual which said there are 4 lights labeled A, B, C, and D. If they are not all green call tech support. 2 were yellow so I called and after the customary 5 min wait to speak to a tech, I got through and spent several minutes describing the problem.

He had me open up the tower, take out the 4 memory boards and then replace them. I powered up and several beeps emitted. The tech listened closely to the signals and was confused until I looked down and noted that the boards were not fully seated. After reseating them, it takes some force to get them all the way down, the power up worked, all four green lights came on and I was back in business.

What is interesting is that the computer is four months new. I had no problem until this. One of the boards, perhaps others, must have been just barely connecting.

If this ever happens to you, you now know what to do.