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    Contact Recipient does not receive attachments (Outlook 98 (Corporate or W

    I have a user who stores all his email addresses in his Contacts. Twice now, someone has called him and complained that they haven't stopped getting email attachments from him (when an attachment clearly should have been there). The email will show up, but with no attachment. After much troubleshooting, it was found that if I sent an email with an attachment to the recipient, they got the attachment, no problem. But if the user sent it, they didn't get the attachment. The only difference in the WAY that the two of us were sending emails was that I was typing the email address in the To: field, and he was clicking To:, scrolling to his Contacts list, and grabbing the email address from there. The resolution both times was to open the specific Contact, delete the email entry there, then re-add the email entry and Save/Close. Then he was able to send fine - clicking the To: button, finding his Contacts list, finding the correct Contact, etc. - and the recipient gets the attachment. Does anyone know WHY this could be happening? <img src=/S/question.gif border=0 alt=question width=15 height=15> Or, has anyone else seen this happen? I hate when they ask "Why?" -- my answer is usually "I don't know 'Why' it happened, but it's fixed, so don't worry about it" But in some cases, like this, I have to wonder WHY too.

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    Re: Contact Recipient does not receive attachments (Outlook 98 (Corporate

    If a recipient does not receive ANY attachment to an Outlook message, and it isn't the type of thing that should be blocked or stripped (e.g., .exe or .vbs), then the usual cause is that the recipient's mail client cannot properly parse Rich Text Format (TNEF) mail messages.

    Sending as RTF can be caused either by the user explicitly choosing that format while composing the message, or by a property setting for the contact's e-mail address to always send as RTF (or the same meaning using a checkbox with the opposite language). Here's what it looks like in Outlook 2000:
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