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    Can't delete LDB file (2000)

    The back-end to one of my databases that is on a network had a corrupt record today, and the only way to delete the record was to copy the database to another directory first. Now I'm unable to put the fixed database back into place, since the ldb file did not go away, and can not be manually deleted. I get the error message about a sharing violation when I try to delete it, although I'm positive that no one has the database open.

    This happend once before, and the problem resolved itself overnight, but I'd really rather not have to wait until tomorrow to resolve this. Does anyone know how to delete an ldb file that is 'hung up' like this?



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    Re: Can't delete LDB file (2000)

    I usually slip the Network Administrator a couple of bucks and he deletes it for me.

    Actually, the above is true except for the couple of bucks part.
    Once in a while I need them to delete it for me.
    (You must make sure that no one has the database open)


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