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Post Edit: MS had a conference and I talked with someone connected with the SP's and the news articles interpreting that MS made IE and many other components easily deletable because of their reaction to the "consent agreement" are just wrong. They made components like IE and WMP hidable but certainly not removable at Add/Remove with an additional option .
There are hundreds of articles misconstruing this including ones in one of my favorite dailies CNET news.
. I left in Doug Knox's tip here but didn't want to state something that was wrong when I found out.
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Since Win XP SP1 includes IE6 SP1 (I just downloaded IE6 SP1 separately in order to hold back from downloading the XP SP for a while), and since the browser can now be deleted without special tweaks because of the consent order changes, does that then enhance your ability to "fix" IE by just losing a corrupted or problem IE and simply installing a new one?
At Add/Remove, I don't see any entry any different than before for a clearly removable Microsoft IE. In "Add/Remove Windows component," I see the same "0 megabyte" entry I saw before I downloaded IE6 SP1. For the people who have downloaded XP SP1, is there any difference at Add/Remove, and if you can easily uninstall the browser to get another type or a new IE6, where is this done?

Doug Knox's tips on his site has a command for uninstalling IE6 and his wording before it suggest that in SP upgrades, IE is "more reparable." Does anyone have any thoughts or info on any new ability to repair/replace IE6:
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Doug Knox's Repair IE Command

How do I repair Internet Explorer in Windows