I am trying to migrate an NT domain to a 2k domain. I have a bunch of NT servers and a new 2k server. I have joined the 2k server to the NT domain and now wish for it to take over as the new master. A 2k machine can run on an NT domain but it will never be part of the domain controllers (standalone mode) so I have to migrate the domain from NT to 2k. From what I have read (and there is a lot) the next step is to upgrade the PDC and make it the 2k master. I have no intention of upgrading the NT machines because I know they can run as BDC on a 2k domain. All I want to do is make the 2k machine the master and all the NT machines the BDCs including the current NT PDC. I am thinking that I should demote the NT PDC to a BDC (or take it offline if that's not possible) and promote the 2k machine to master. I realise that 2k does not have PDCs and BDCs but there is still a distinction between the master controller and the subsequent controllers. I would be glad to hear from anyone who has achieved this in practice.