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    Start offline, then connect to LAN? (OL2k)

    I could swear that I used to do this, but maybe that was back in the days of dial-up.

    I often want to start Outlook offline and then tell it to connect, without exiting and re-starting. It seems the only way I can do that is if I use dial-up networking. Is there a way to do it with the LAN? (Specifically I'm talking about cable modem, not that it should matter.)


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    Re: Start offline, then connect to LAN? (OL2k)

    If you change your connection type to manual, then Outlook will not attempt to retrieve mail until you initiate a Send/Receive. Is that what you're looking for? (You're still online, in the sense that opening an HTML message can pull graphics from the Internet... you might have to go offline in IE as well to stop that from happening.)

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