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    Delete confirmation (2000 / SR1)

    Hello: I have some users of Word 2000/SR1 under Win98 who are not getting the confirmation dialogue box when they select a file for deletion via the Word Open dialogue box. When the delete is executed the file is gone.
    When they delete via Win Explorer, the delete confirmation box does appear and the file is saved in the recycle bin.
    I attempted to reproduce the problem on another machine in another environment, using a Win 98-Word 2000/SR1 and an XP-Word2002/SP1 setup but I get the confirmation boxes in both cases. When I de-select the confirmation notification in the recycle bin properties, the confirmation box does not appear, which is what is expected.
    Is there some place in Word that controls the delete action? I have checked Word's Options and I cannot find any reference there.
    Thank you

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    Re: Delete confirmation (2000 / SR1)

    Probably, the Open dialog of any other Windows program acts the same way? It may be best to ask in a Windows forum -- it's almost certainly some Windows setting.

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