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    Disappearing Add-In (Excel 2002 SP-1)

    I use Solver frequently, but Excel won't retain this Add-In in the Tools dropdown list. If I go to Tools / Add-Ins, I find the Solver box checked, but the only way I can get to it is to uncheck Solver, OK, then go back to Tools / Add-Ins and re-check the Solver box. Solver then appears in the dropdown list until I close Excel and reopen it, when I have to go through the entire procedure again. Is this a bug in Excel, or do I need to change some setting or other? My OS is Windows 2000.

    Thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed on this!

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    Re: Disappearing Add-In (Excel 2002 SP-1)

    If this is a corporate machine, any chance your Lan Admin could be forcing a default personal.xls on you every load?
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