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    'PowerDesk.archive' files

    Somehow a number of files that should have the extension "Application" have been changed to "PowerDesk.Archive". I use PowerDesk 5 (the free download), which I recently updated from 4.0. I also did some "tweaking" with my Norton System Works. Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly when these files were changed since I just discovered what happened. Programs in my Program Files directory were not affected, just downloaded application files that were originally .exe or .zip files. I use Win ME, in case it matters. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    Re: 'PowerDesk.archive' files

    What extension do they have? .zip?
    With Powerdesk installed, the 'default' description of compressed files changes to "PowerDesk.Archive".
    (You can test this by changing the extension of any file to .zip and watching the description change.)
    I would guess the file is still compressed - double-click it - does PowerDesk open up and show you the contents of the compressed file? If so, just get PowerDesk to extract it.

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