Hi. Two times over the past few years, I've had situations where I've run
into Word/VBA bugs which end up crashing my application. I'd be able to
track these bugs down a lot more quickly if I were able to get a stack trace
which points back to a line of code in a VBA module; all I get is a series
of offsets into Winword.exe. Does anybody know of a way to generate a
symbol table from an Office VBA project so that you could get a more
meaningful stack trace (similar to the way you can generate symbol
tables--i.e. PDB files from a standard VB project).

I'd also like to know whether anyone knows of a method for using a de######
to step directly from a line of code in a VBA module into the assembly
language code which actually gets executed for that code.

Lastly, does anyone know of any books or articles which deal with the
internal workings of Office VBA?