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    Exchange benefits

    We are currently using a POP server and Outlook 2000 in our (small) office. We have long planned to go to Exchange (have the license, have the server, etc.); now our network guy is pushing back, saying he doesn't see the benefits. He wants us to use Net Folders for shared info. The President has asked us to list what we'd expect to get from Exchange. Here's what I've come up with; any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    Instant mail delivery.

    IMAP access from home/on the road (greatly reduces need to handle notes multiple times).

    Access to saved mail from home/on the road.

    Centralized backup.

    Centralized antivirus.

    Reliable sharing (I can't get Net Folders to work reliably, plus Net Folders are much more dependent on users being connected).

    Delegation and shared Inboxes (Net Folders won't share the Inbox).

    Public Folders (enables corporate calendar, eliminates need for intranet, etc.)

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    Re: Exchange benefits

    And of course I forgot OWA (is that a benefit? I guess so...)

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    Re: Exchange benefits

    Netfolders are buggy, but you know that already. They should not be trusted for sharing important corporate information.

    you've hit most if not all of the pros - be sure and use mailboxes on the server NOT PSTs. the only con is the network guy.

    You've already made the investment in the software and hadware, apparently your data is worth that investment. I'd guess the network guy is afraid/doesn't want to bother with setting up exchange.

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