Ok, this is driving me nuts. <img src=/S/dizzy.gif border=0 alt=dizzy width=15 height=15>

I'm trying to build a form in VB, to maintain an Access (xp) database table. I used the Data Form Wizard (which actually works pretty good), and told it to build a form based on a class, rather than an ADO data control. Wham-Bam, it was done, and I had a rudimentary working form, which I modified and enhanced, and it works perfect. It uses a DataList control, and when I click on a list item, the proper record comes up on the form. Perfect. The table involved has 1 field for the key, and a description field, and a few other fields. This is the Company table.

Now, I want to clone the form for the second table. Unlike the first form, this one uses a 2-field key. The first field comes from the previously mentioned Company table, and the second field identifies the Branch ID. So, Company 1 might have branches A & B, Company 2 might have branches A, C & F, etc. I'm able to successfully get a DataCombo control to populate with all the company records. What I CAN't do, is get the company picked in that combo to cause the second control (a DataList) to be filtered by that company.

I'm hoping to do this the "easy" way, an not manually re-populate listboxes in code based on what was chosen in the prior control. The data combo & data list is supposed to be able to do this kind of thing. Unfortunately, the MSDN help doesn't...

Anybody out there have any experience doing this kind of thing?