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    Word & Excel Not Shown (WinME; Office XP SP-1)

    Word and Excel do not show up under Start/Programs or any of the sub-menus; however, both are in my quick launch tray, and I have no problems loading them. They are in the My Programs directory on my hard drive but just don't appear from Start/Programs.

    Can I add them back to the Start/Programs list? Why would they have disappeared from that list?

    All suggestons greatly appreciated and gratefully received.

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    Re: Word & Excel Not Shown (WinME; Office XP SP-1)

    No idea why they should have disappeared, I'm afraid.

    If they are showing in your QuickLaunch tray, the fastest way to get them into your Start Menu is probably:

    Start > Settings > Taskbar & Start Menu... >
    Advanced (tab) > Advanced
    This will open up your Start Menu in an Explorer window

    Right click the item on the QuickLaunch you want to copy and select Copy
    Click in the folder in your Start Menu where you want the shortcut and then Right_Click > Paste Shortcut

    But, if they are on your QuickLaunch tray, why do you want them in your Start Menu.....?

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