My wife uses Lycos via Netscape 7 for email. I use Outlook 2002 SP2 and IE6 SP1. She received an email from a friend in HTML format, with graphics and text in the main body of the message, not as an attachment. When forwarded to me, all the graphics were missing, but I did get the text. She then saved the message as an HTML file. Clicking on it on her system brings up Netscape and everything is intact. She sent it to me as an email attachment. I received her blank message, with no attachment. There was a narrow information banner across the top saying "This message contains script, which Outlook cannot display. This may affect how the message appears."

Is my problem Outlook's security settings (I just installed XP SP1 with the IE6 updates)? I've re-installed the Slovac Attachment Options again, but it does not deal with HTML files, just HTML Apps (*.hta). Any advice?