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    site is not available (IE 4.0)

    I use Juno as my ISP. All too often when I want to access a particular site, I get a message such as: This site is not available now. I did get a window shich said something like I might need to reinstall my web driver. It also said that I should have my Windows 98 Installation disk available. When I purchased this computer about 18 months ago, I did NOT get any kind of CD or other backup disk. What do you suggest?
    Jim Braun

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    Re: site is not available (IE 4.0)

    There are many possible reasons that a site might not be available, most of which have nothing to do with your computer. Is there are more specific message, like "Server busy" "Server not found" "Page not found" etc. that could narrow it down? Does Juno think you are under 18? (Maybe you are under 18...who knows? this is the Internet.)

    Which browser are you using? (Duh, I guess it would be 4.0) Some pages might have been designed to work only in more recent browsers.

    Some sites won't display if you set up your browser to block all cookies, but typically they will tell you that so you can decide whether to trust them.

    Also, you should always get a CD or set of diskettes when you buy Windows. If you didn't, you should complain to the vendor. if you ever have a severe crash and need to reinstall, you will need not only the CDs but the product key (usually printed on a colorful certificate with a Microsoft hologram) to reinstall them.

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