I work in a mostly Mac shop, using Office 98, but there are also a few PCs. On the mac, I created several UDFs and put them in an addin. I can copy this addin to multiple macs, and when it's installed, each user accesses their own local copy of the UDFs. If I create a spreadsheet on my mac and use a UDF, another user (with the UDFs installed) can open the doc on their machine and the UDFs calculate just fine.

However, if you open the same doc on a PC, the path to the addin (on the machine where the UDF was entered) is added to the beginning of the UDF. This also happens if you enter the UDF into the doc on a PC and open it on another PC. I've made sure that the addin is installed in the appropriate Library location on all machines. This does differ from mac to PC, and even from PC to PC, since one PC is running Win 95/Office 97 and the other is running Win XP/Office 2000 (I think). To further complicate matters, the XP machine is actually a Citrix server, allowing macs to access the PC via a client/server app.

Any suggestions on how to eliminate the insertion of the local path to the addin would be greatly appreciated!