In <post#=179126>post 179126</post#> I tried to create a URL to point to a google search for the text string "Save to disk file not found"
I used the syntax (all on one line)
<pre><!t><a href="
"Save+to+disk+file+not+found"&btnG=Google+Sear ch" target="_blank"><!/t>"Save to disk file not found"<!t></a><!/t>

The resulting URL was truncated at the first " character.

I tried replacing the " character in my post with PERCENT-SIGN22, but this made no difference, the preview pane still showed this converted to a "
I found a workaround of searching for Save-to-disk-not-found
Is there a way to include a " character in a URL in a post?


edited by StuartR to replace a " character with PERCENT-SIGN22 since the lounge doesn't seem to want me to enter % followed by a number!