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    RANGE OF CELLS (Access 97)

    How do I put a range of cells into a form? I have small tables (most are 5 by 5 cells) I would like to incorporate into form pages but I am having trouble making a subform without losing my formatting in sm tables. I have considered hyperlinks. Sm tables were created in excel 97 and each table (in its own worksheet) has a cell that is identical with main table in Access. Ideas, thoughts?

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    Re: RANGE OF CELLS (Access 97)

    Working with Excel data, Access still treats the data as a record, and that means that you get one row at a time. In order to present multiple rows you would need to use continuous forms, which display data in a tabular format. In Excel you can create relationships between cells in different rows, but Access does support that kind of relationship (except in the case of self-joins, which is a very special case). Hope this makes sense to you - the transition between Excel and Access can be kind of daunting.

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