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    Freezes in IE & more

    I have recently installed Win2000 on my PC which is connected to a network. I have several problems:
    1) the PC freezes about once a day and it seems to do that most often when I am in IE 5.0. I need to manually turn off the box wait a few minutes and turn back on for it to work again.
    2) My PC will not shut down all the way. I get to a black screen with a blinking cursor then need to shut down manually. When I had Windows NT the PC would shut itself down when I logged off.
    3) Some of my network drives which map and I can access when I first log on later in the day are not accessible unless I log on again.....
    Any ideas? Thanks[img]/w3timages/icons/aflame.gif[/img]

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    Re: Freezes in IE & more

    You did NOT state what Network software you are running.

    1) see number 3, also how do you connect to the Internet, dialup or LAN ?

    2)This may be the fact that your network login is NOT working with Windows 2K. I appears to be what we had a few years ago (before retirement) at work. We were running a Novel network with Windows 3.11, and Windows 95. This Novel was a DOS base and would NOT completely do the job.

    3) Your are losing your network connection and need to login again. This very common with many of the OLDER types of networks.

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    Re: Freezes in IE & more

    We are using Windows NT 4.0. I connect to the internet via LAN. Thanks

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