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    Windows Registry error message (Word 97)

    I wonder if anyone can help me - we have just put a user on to a notebook where Windows XP is the operating system with Office 97 installed. His problem is that when he tries to open up an HTML email he has previously saved in Word, he gets the error message:- "The Windows registry has reported that one or more required files are damaged or missing. To correct the problem, run the Word setup program". When he clicks on the OK button, the message appears as normal.

    Word has been reinstalled twice but the error message is still appearing. Can anyone give me any further advice?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Windows Registry error message (Word 97)

    Word does need to use some kind of converter to show HTML documents. Have you tried running the repair option in the Office installer?

    If so... possibly could be related to the file/folder permissions of XP or to changes in Internet Explorer since Office 97 was released...

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