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    form:link fields (Access 2000)

    Hi, I have a table with action items and update fields. Each week I record an update against all open actions. I have created a form to create new actions but want to create a form to edit existing actions but save these updates as a new entry in my table.
    I.E. Once I select my action number from a drop down list, I would like to populate the values in my form (Assigned to, description, due date, etc) and fill in new information in a [update comment] field and this new entry would be saved as a new row in my data table?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: form:link fields (Access 2000)

    You wrote:
    >>I would like to populate the values in my form <<

    Do you mean you want to automatically populate these values? You would need code in the afterUpdate event of that combo box, but what you do depends on where you are getting the information from.
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