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    Re: files won't open after SP install (XP - 2002)

    I've seen a number of problems reported with the SP 2.

    Some seem to be corrected by disabling the Norton Auntie Virus Office plug-in.
    If youhave NAV, disable the plug-in, but be sure to enable NAV's AutoProtect.

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    files won't open after SP install (XP - 2002)

    We have recently upgraded a number of machines in the office to OfficeXP. This weekend we installed the SP1 and SP2 service paks, utilizing the downloaded copies of the install files (i.e., we did not install over the internet).

    On most machines things went well, but on one machine we had a problem - After the SP's were installed, neither Word nor Excel were able to open files. Word reported that "the file NNN is not available", and Excel reported that it was "Unable to read file". Outlook, on the other hand, worked fine (it runs on Exchange, if that is significant).

    Running a "repair" with the OfficeXP install CD made no difference. Running a system restore to put the machine back where it was before the service paks were installed fixed things.

    What could have happened here? Is there something that needs to be done befre attempting to install the service paks again?


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