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    Encryption. Can WindowsXP lose the encryption key? (Win XP Pro)

    I have just encrypted a folder and its sub folders. I had expected to be asked to supply a key for enciphering, but I wasn't. I obviously need a little education and the Help files don't provide it. Can anyone help?

    1. I presume encryption needs a key. I assume Windows XP creates one for me. However, what is this key based upon (date? time? user name? etc?). I ask because of the next question.
    2. Assuming Windows XP created the key, can this be lost? When answering please assume that I might randomly update the registry; I might physically transfer the hard drive to a friend's machine, etc etc
    3. I have several applications to create a CD, including the one built into Windows XP. If I copy this encrypted folder to a CD will it be de-crypted first?
    4. If I use some sort of back-up utility to copy all my folders to a CD or tape, will the encrypted folders remain encrypted?
    5. Can you direct me to a place where all my questions will be ansered?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Encryption. Can WindowsXP lose the encryption key? (Win XP Pro)

    I did a seach at the "Help and support " on Wincwos XP p and found the following.

    An encrypted file or folder is decrypted if you copy it to a volume that is not an NTFS file system volume. The exception to this is when copying to a Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) folder on a server.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    Re: Encryption. Can WindowsXP lose the encryption key? (Win XP Pro)

    Here's a link that should give you as much information as you care to know about encryption

    hth, Joe

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