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    Can't Read Floppy Disk

    Posted under General Win Problems.
    I'm not sure if this is hardware or software. My college daughter has had a strange problem--if she takes a floppy that was "created" on another pc and tries to open it on her pc, she sometimes gets an "Unable to access...." error. When she takes the disk back to the original pc and tries to open, she gets a "Not formatted, do you want to format now" message, as if the disk has been changed. I have taken disks from my pc to hers, and they worked fine. This is intermittent. She also gets a "Cyclic redundancy" error.
    Daughter and her roommate have been switching the floppy back and forth with no problem. Then suddenly, the Unable to access error popped up. Then, when she tried the disk on the original pc, she got the Disk not formatted, do you want to format it message. Naturally, the disk had the only copy of the roommate's project; it seems she didn't think it was necessary to save to the HDD.
    This happened once last year when the drive was brand new, and had not happened since. I guess I'll go over and swap out the drive. I have a cleaning disk, but it might be best in this case to just replace.
    Just found MSKB article Q247858...CRC Error on FAT Media Causes Kernel Stack Overflow. Applies to Win NT.Hmmmm.
    Anyone have insight/experience?
    David Carter

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    Re: Can't Read Floppy Disk

    As mentioned above, cross-posted in General Windows Solutions here.

    To avoid duplication and divergence, please post any further insights, answers and/or solutions back with the original thread.

    Thank you!

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