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    Win ME frustrations?? (Windows ME)

    For more than a year now, I've been having periodic problems with my primary office system locking up totally. The system is an Athlon 1200 chip on an ABit motherboard (KT7A-RAID) with 512MB RAM, a Matrox G450 Dual Monitor display, 2 IBM 7200 RPM ATA-100 80GB hard drives, and the original SoundBlaster Live audio card. The system works fine on programs such as Word, Excel and Access, but some programs are almost certain to cause the system to completely hang - no ability to bring up Task Manager, move the Mouse or anything else.

    Programs that seem to cause it seem to be either audio or disk drive intensive - examples include Cakewalk and SecondCopy. I've also found one web site (IE6) that seems to bring it down pretty regularly. The windows version I have is 4.90.3000 in System, though I have been regularly applying fixes as MS recommends them. I do have one anomoly in Device Manager which shows PCI Mass Storage Controller under Other Devices, but it doesn't seem to think it's driver is installed. I suspect this is the RAID controller, but I switched the hard drives to the regular IDE controller to see if that made the situation better but it didn't. So I'm not sure whether I'm dealing with a hardware issue or a software issue. Has anyone out there seen issues with stability on Windows ME?

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    Re: Win ME frustrations?? (Windows ME)

    Hi Wendell

    Contrary to what others in the Lounge have experienced, I've not had any more problems with ME than with, NT4, 2000, or 98, all of which are used in our business office.

    I can't offer you any direct help, but if no one else in the Lounge has an answer for you, you might try a posting in the ME Forum at Annoyances.

    Have a Great day!!!
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