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    XP subscription scheme dying? (All)

    Hi all,

    Unable to find a contact address for WOW, I thought the Lounge might be interested in something I saw in Monday's "Canberra Times."

    Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to note down details, but from memory, the gist was that only three (or so) suckers fell for Microsoft's XP (Windows or Office, I can't recall) subscription licensing, and it's effectively shutting down the scheme.

    Happy news, I feel.

    Even happier IIRC that Australia was supposed to be the guinea pig for subscription licensing, as we may see a flow-on effect to other countries.

    Hope this is of interest,


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    Re: XP subscription scheme dying? (All)

    I saw a similar article in the Ping newsletter and I think CNet as well.

    I'm not sorry to see the idea flame out. Like many of Microsoft's recent licensing schemes, it appears to have more to do with extracting more revenue than delivering a better product. Only Microsoft would think of charging corporate customers for NOT upgrading, and only Microsoft could get away with it. And only Microsoft would charge academic licensing customers for machines that don't use Microsoft products - like Macs and Linux machines. Only Microsoft would triple the price of their product in a down market (e.g., Win98 upgrade versus XP Pro upgrade).

    I probably should bite my tongue for saying this, but it seems to me that It would be nice if MS put some of their ferocious intellect into their products instead of into their Licensing Schemes Division. I sure don't want to start some sort of flame war. Mind you, I'm one of their fans -- I LIKE Microsoft products. But when the operating system costs more than the hardware itself, somethin' ain't right.

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