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    Track changes (Win XP/O 2002)

    The first time I have used track changes under XP. I find that when a compare is done the changes are highlighted in red, as specified, and with a strike through, not specified or I can't find where it might be specified. Also, the original text is left untouched in the document.

    This is just a wee bit different from MSO 2000.

    Can anyone help? Maybe tell me where to turn off the strikethrough and specify how to remove changed text. I have checked Tools|Options|Track Changes but ?


    Phil Carter

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    Re: Track changes (Win XP/O 2002)

    Search this board for earlier posts; there should be a discussion of how to change it to strikethrough, and a link to an issue of WOW in which Woody described all the different possible depictions for deleted text. Also, try changing among the various views (Final, with Markup, without, etc.) until you find the one that shows what you want. Assuming it exists. (I'm still using Word 2000, so that's about as much as I know!)

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