Upgraded to new machine. I saved all OE dbx files (folders) and Address Book (wab) to another machine. Installed new machine (Win/XP with Office XP Professional). Opened Outlook, put in product key codes, registered, configured POP3 SMTP servers and can send/receive mail. Copied folders containing saved OE files and WAB to local drive, and then tried to import into Outlook. I select Internet Mail & Addresses, select address book, point to folder where wab lives, and say put in Contacts. Get 0 imported. (Have 500 contacts & Groups). Tried to import the OE folders, (Again Internet Mail & Addresses, select mail only, no rules, no addresses) and get "Mail folder cant be opened, if another application has it opened, close and try again" message just like in Q290860. The only problem, there were NO Identities on the prior system, there is no list of Identities to choose from on the import, there is no hint of what the problem might be.

I thought I'd try the Fountain of Correct Answers (aka Woody's Lounge) for an answer.