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Thread: Security (2000)

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    Security (2000)

    I am doing my first database and could use some help. I have a database on a network. Several sales reps will be using the database. All sales reps have read only access. The start up form will be the only form the reps will use. Is there way to prevent read only access users from closing out that form? One of my coworkers is concerned that they will be able to mess up the databse even though they have read only access. I think the only way they could do that is if they guess the log on and password of one of the administrators.

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    Re: Security (2000)

    It is certainly possible if you lock things down to the point where they can't expose the database container window, then it's right nigh impossible to get in and do any significant damage. And is is possible to put an onclose event that simply shuts down the database when the form is closed. A combination of that and the start-up options you can set under Tools should do the trick nicely.

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