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    MAPISP32.dbg error - message stuck in outbox (Outlet 97)

    I tried sending a tiff file to a consultant and it seems to be stuck in the outbox. As Outlook opens, I get a Dr. Watson for Windows NT error message the gist of which is "The application, mapisp32.dbg, generated an application error The exception generated was c0000005 at address 77f2ba00 (CompareStringA)." When I left-click on the message in the outbox, I get another message saying "Can't open this item. The MAPI Spooler has already begun transmitting this message." Nothing happens when I right-click on the message. I am unable to delete, cut, or perform any other operations on the message, and once I click on it, I need to use the Task Manager to exit Outlook.

    I've contacted our ISP and they tell me I have no messages in their system, so there's nothing they can do. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

    I have used the Reinstall option on the Office97 CD, and nothing has changed. I'm hesitant to completely remove and reinstall Outlook97.


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    Re: MAPISP32.dbg error - message stuck in outbox (Outlet 97)

    If you search here in the Outlook board for stuck outbox you will find many similar situations and numerous suggestions. Here's mine: <!post=Post #119976,119976>Post #119976<!/post>.

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