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    Dialog Box Irritation!?

    Nearly every time I click on a button or link in Win98SE to add something, see something, etc. in most all applications, the standard Windows Explorer type dialog box pops up (that's good!). But the default folder in the box is invariably "My Documents". Not only that, but I have to scroll back to see the top/beginning of the folder.

    Further, when I then click the drop-down menu to get into C:drive; where I normally want to go anyway, then I have to scroll back to get to the beginning there too!!

    Is there a way to force Windows to open these dialog boxes with C:drive as the default folder? And/or is there a way to have them open at least at the beginning of whatever folder is displayed when it first opens?


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    Re: Dialog Box Irritation!?

    Check out the attached VBA module. If you aren't familiar with VBA modules, you can run this one by doing the following:

    1) Save the file to your computer
    2) Create a new document in Word
    3) Press Alt+F11 to open the VBA editor
    4) In the project explorer window, click the name of the new document (usually something like Project(Document 2))
    5) Choose File|Import File... and import the .bas file
    6) Click in the code and press F5 to run it
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