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    Upgrade replica set: 97 to 2000 (97 -> 2000)

    What is the best strategy for upgrading an Access 97 replica set to Access 2000? I am inclined to take a replica that I know is just right, place it in a new directory, open it in Access 2000 to convert it, then turn it into a new design master using the 'Recover Design Master' menu command . I have tried this, and it seems to work, but when I create replicas from this design master, and try to synchronise them, they remember the history of the 97 replica set and offer the 97 version of the design master as the first option when selecting which database to synchronise with. The new design master does not appear until way down the list.

    Am I doing things in the right order? If so, can I wipe the history of the pre 2000 replica set and start again?


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    Re: Upgrade replica set: 97 to 2000 (97 -> 2000)

    There are some detailed steps listed in this Microsoft Web Page - it is a tedious process, and if you don't follow it closely you will have trouble. The only thing worse is if you want to remove replication all together. <img src=/S/heavy.gif border=0 alt=heavy width=40 height=34>

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