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    Leading Zeros & Product # (2000/SR1)

    I am putting together a database for tracking inventory. The product code that I have to use is already set, I can't change it. It is always a 10 digit number. It almost always starts with "013" and I it almost always ends in "000". Is there a way that I can set up this product code so that when entering, you only have to enter the middle 4 digits but allow the user to go back and change the first or last three numbers when needed? Thanks.

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    Re: Leading Zeros & Product # (2000/SR1)

    You would need to treat it as a text string to be certain to preserve the leading zeros, but an input mask with a default for the field would probably be the simplest approach. Otherwise you would need a text box to enter the middle four digits and then on update you would need to concatenate the result into a 10-digit number. Hope this makes some sense.

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