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    IE & Templates (IE 5.5, IE 6, Word 97)

    (Note: this is similar to Post 181237)
    We are using IE 5.5 and MS-Word 97.

    We want to deploy true templates (.dot, .xlt) via our intranet portal and have discovered that IE re-interprets a .dot file as a .doc file when doing a 'Save target as' and changes the file extension to .doc (.xlt to .xls).

    If we manually change the file extension in the 'Save target as' dialogue box then the template, plus it's associated AutoOpen macros, works fine. Unfortunately, this is not a viable solution for our users.

    If we deploy the templates in a zip file, then unzip the templates, all is ok. Unfortunately, our users complain about the 'extra step' required to download a zip file and unzip the files.

    We've already eliminated filename size, the problem occurs for both long and short filenames.

    Why should IE try to reinterpret the file extension, effectively not recognising the difference between normal Word/ Excel files and template file types? Because of this issue, and our expanding use of macros and custom toolbars (hence the need to deploy true templates) our Process Mgr has banned me from issuing templates. This means I cannot use macros to automate many routine documentation functions, which ultimately makes the authoring process easier for our users.

    Any help appreciated
    Thank you
    Mary Cahill

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    Re: IE & Templates (IE 5.5, IE 6, Word 97)

    My guess is that this is related to the MIME Content Types. IE considers both .doc and .dot files as: "application/msword". You may have to break this association on each computer to do what you want to do.

    Try it on one computer first. Open regedit and "remark" the Content Type line [put a minus sign (-) in front of the name] for

    See if that is able to break the association. This is only a guess...

    Add: on my Win98 system, the .xlt extension is not linked to "application/" like .xls is (there is no Content Type entry). So, it least on my machine, it looks like the .xlt template should not be converted into .xls. Don't know for sure...

    FYI: I think the relationship is all controlled in the registry in this fashion:

    1) The file extension is listed under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive can have an optional String value named "Content Type". This refers to the MIME Content Type that IE is supposed to use to process the file.

    2) Then, I suspect the final extension modification you are seeing is related to the keys in this section of the registry:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTMIMEDatabaseContent Type. In here you will find a list of Content Types (e.g., application/msword) with an "Extension" value (e.g., .doc).

    3) So, perhaps IE sees the .dot file has an application/msword Content Type, it then checks the MIME Datatbase in the registry and modifies the extention to the one listed (.doc).

    This story certainly sounds plausible... but who knows!

    MS describes there use of the Content Types here:
    Appendix A: MIME Type Detection in Internet Explorer
    An article somewhat critical of Microsoft handling of Content Types is here:
    The Content-type Saga.

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