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    Varying footers (Word 2000)

    I'll try this again - posted it once but it didn't show up.

    I have a user with a lengthy Word document. She has footers set up in the document that say "revision date xxx" and show the revision date for EACH PAGE (not the whole document). She is trying to adjust each footer to a different date as she revises the document. I'm saying this can't be done in the way she is trying to do it.

    For example, let's say she has pages 1, 2 and 3. If she changes the footer revision date on Page 2, she doesn't want it to change the rest of the footers. If she goes on down to page 3 and chooses the option to not "use previous" in the footer, then it defaults to whatever the footer was on page 1, which isn't what she wants either. It is like she wants a footer that is different on every single page.

    Am I right that this can't be done with footers? Do you have a better suggestion?

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    Re: Varying footers (Word 2000)

    It is possible to have a footer that is different on each page, by using Field Codes.

    You could, for example, decide to use Heading 9 to record the revision information and add a suitable sentence somewhere on the page, formatted as Heading 9, you could then use a StyleRef field in the footer, as in <pre>{ Styleref "Heading 9" }</pre>

    (Use Control-F9 to insert the { }, or use insert field...

    The attached example document takes this one step further by formatting Heading 9 as 1 pt White text with no space before or after, so you can't see the heading 9 itself. It is the first paragraph on each page, as you can see by selecting it and changing it to Normal and then back to Heading 9 again.


    Edited by StuartR to add...
    But I wouldn't do this with footers myself. Why not just put a text box at the bottom of the page and include the information you want in there?
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    Re: Varying footers (Word 2000)

    Just to add something a little different. From what you say, I'm assuming that the document is one section only. In order to have a separate revision date for each footer, you would have to:
    1. Change each page to be in a separate section.
    2. Go to the LAST section first & click the "same as previous" button. This will not modify the footer; it will merely be disconnected from the previous one.
    3. You can then modify the footer without affecting any other footer.
    4. You would need to then go to the next to last footer, disconnect it from the previous, & then modify it.

    However, this is a terrible way to try to keep a document updated and you will have way too many sections, which is just asking for eventual corruption. I agree with Stuart that using a textbox (or frame) is a much better idea. You could have an autotext entry that inserts a line that said something like:
    Revised on {DATE} at {TIME}

    In fact, you could have a macro that inserted that line, updated the fields, & then locked them. That way they would remain unchanged until someone either unlocked the fields & updated them, or replaced the fields. Therefore, each page would operate independently from the others.

    Hope this helps.

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