Having a problem hooking up a different computer to a DSL line. History. We had an older computer connected to this line which worked fine but slow. We decided to put a faster computer in this office which was on the same network (different address) in that office. But, as we had had a prior virus problem with it we decided to clean it out, reformat etc.before installing it. The computer now runs fine, the ethernet card seems to be working,all the drivers appear to be there with no known conflicts, and as far as I can tell we've put in all the adapters, protocols, etc. that the others use. TCI/IP, Client for Microsoft Networks, etc. and Netscape seems not to want to connect. I know all the Addresses and Gateway,and IP Addresses are correct. What else or what do you think could be wrong? As an experiment I put in another office's Address and it recognized that someone else had the same address.I've tried different Logon's to see if that made a difference.We've since given up and put a third computer in this office which connected just fine. You suppose that when we formatted the computer we lost something. I think we have the right Ethernet Driver loaded. Answer not vital but we're still curious what we were missing?