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    Populate control from another control? (Access 2000)

    Is it possible to send information from one form to control in another form and then save it?
    I have one form called TaxData with autonumber TaxID.There is a control in this form called CompanyName.
    If i choose TaxID 33, which has for a CompanyName " BlueberryValley", i want to transport this name to
    another form, called FLedgers, and then the first new Ledger must have the name of the company also "BLueBerryValley"

    I have a command button in my form TaxID.After i have chosen the corresponding Tax number, sat 33,
    then i want to click this button and perform the following action :

    Forms![FLedger].Visible = True
    Me.Visible = False
    DoCmd.GoToRecord , "", acNewRec
    DoCmd.GoToControl "LedgerID"
    Forms![FLedgers].CompanyName = Me![CompanyName]

    However the the Company Name "BlueberryValley" is not transferred to the new Form,
    the Company Name of the new client remains blank.

    I am afraid what i am trying to do is not possible at all, but i am asking just in case.

    My question is can i populate the control on the second form with the data from another form.
    Also i see i have no WHERE condition to confrom that i have to send the data only for tax ID number 33

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    Re: Populate control from another control? (Access 2000)

    Why do you work with a form?
    Can you not open a recordset and add a record to it ?
    If you need the form, call it after the insert and go to the new record.

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