I need to make a schedule program that looks at the first day off, (all the days off are together, ie, Sat/Sun, Sun/Mon, etc.), and calculates, based on the month the schedule is needed, the day of the week, and the days off of the individual, if they work. If so I need to print a number corresponding to their shift, (1,2,3 or 0 for off).

I have this done in Excel, using the If to compare to the previous cell and the calculated day of the week with the cell printing correctly if the person is working. Now i need to add some sorting and report printing features that cannot be done in Excel. Or at least cannot be done push button in Excell.

I must set up the database to print in a report for each day of the month for all the staff. How do I make Access compare the calculated day of the week, if it is the same as the day off or the next day, (I only list the first day off as both are sequential), if a day off print "0", if not a day off print the number corresponding to the shift the person is assigned, (1, 2, 3).

I have a tblschedule listing the days from 0 to 31, (I need the 0 to determine if the day prior to the start of the month was a day off or not) and a tblMaster listing the information for each employee.

I am lost here. Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated.

Jail Administrator Medical