I have WinXP home version and installed Office 2000. I have two users set up (myself w/ admin rights and my wife). When my wife, logged into her user account, starts Outlook, it often--but not always--will show the splash page for several seconds, and then close. It does not freeze, does not cause a blue screen, it just disappears. If it does this once, it will continue to do this every time she tries to start OL and will have to reboot the machine to use OL. My testing has revealed:
1) if I am logged into my user account and have OL open, and my wife switches to her user account (w/o logging out of my account), OL will ALWAYS act this way.
2) If my user account is logged outcompletly and then she goes into her account, OL may, or may not, work.
3) If my wife logs into her account from a fresh boot/reboot, OL will almost always work.
Needless to say, it is an annoyance for my wife to have to reboot the computer to access her e-mail, synchronize her PDA, etc. Do we need to upgrade to Outlook XP? Does OL 2000 not support WinXP's multiple user function? We never had this problem when we ran OL2000 on Win98 or WinME.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.