I'm working on a large publishing project where several hundred people will be submitting manuscripts. I am tracking the submissions in a database (author contact info, article title, yes/no article received, yes/no article acknowleged, etc.) I would like to send acknowledgement emails to the authors but I'm not sure how I can accomplish this easily.

What I'm doing now:
I have a query designed in Access that lists author name, email address, article title for all records where received = yes and acknowledge = no. I merged this to a Word document so I got many separate form letters. I then cut/pasted each letter into an email message and sent it. (This is a definite PITA.)

What I'd like to do:
I'd like to have a form letter saved in Outlook that I can add fields to which will "suck" the appropriate data from the Access query. (Basically a mail merge in Outlook.) I haven't been able to figure out a way to do this and am beginning to think that it can't be done. If I can't have my "perfect" solution, is there a way to save a form letter message in Outlook that can be opened quickly in bulk quantities? If so, I'm happy to cut/paste the requisite fields from the query into the appropriate spots in the email.

Any other ideas of how I can get the job done without inducing major carpal tunnel problems? Thanks in advance!