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    IE in Outlook (Outlook 2000 sp1)

    I have built an expense report application that is an ActiveX control hosted on our intranet. The applicaton uses xml combined with an xsl style sheet to render html. I use this to display back the recorded expenses in a child browser window. When the user submits the expense report for payment, I use the same xml and xsl stylesheet to send an html formatted email to the employee's supervisor showing the employee's expenses. Outlook 2000 uses IE to display html formatted email. Is there a way to programmatically (through javascript or vbscript) know if the html is being presented by IE alone or Outlook using IE? Any help would be appriciated.

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    Re: IE in Outlook (Outlook 2000 sp1)

    Well... generally speaking, if best practices are followed, scripts will not run in an HTML mail message displayed in Outlook because it will be in the Restricted Zone with all scripting disabled. An HTML attachment opened from Outlook in IE, stored in the Outlook portion of the IE cache, also should be handled as Restricted, but I haven't gone and confirmed it just now.

    If the page were to be opened from some other part of the local machine or from a server within the network, it is very likely that scripts would run, as the security settings for these zones are generally permissive. In this way, you can know that if scripts run, it most likely is not being viewed from Outlook. But you can never be sure that scripts will in fact run at all.

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