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    Linking excel graphs to powerpoint (97/2000)

    * Edited by KT to include reference links *
    I just posted this problem to the excel group <post#=182085>post 182085</post#> and they suggested I post it to the powerpoint group...
    How to link graphs without changing formatting?
    I have excel graphs I want to link to a powerpoint presentation and graphs in powerpoint where I want to link the data back to excel. In each case, the formatting is changing in the link.
    1. When I try link an excel chart to powerpoint, the fonts change.
    2. When I resize the powerpoint graph, go into excel and then back to powerpoint, the changes do not hold.
    2. The powerpoint slide formats are setup by a department and you cannot change them. When you link the data tables, they change. For example, the Y axis is set up with a month and number of incidents (eg, Oct 2). Even when I format this is in excel as a text field, powerpoint still reads it as a date. The format doesn't even stay consistent. One column heading reads as 02-Oct and the next reads Nov 08. I want to link the data and not change the powerpoint format.
    I am attaching each of the files. Here is the excel file.
    The Powerpoint file is here <post#=182788>post 182788</post#>
    Please post all replies in the Excel forum thread <post#=182085>post 182085</post#>
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