I recently received Woody's Palm Watch newsletter (archive at http://www.woodyswatch.com/palm/archtemplate.asp?2-n04) and was quite surprised at the comments on Word and Excel on the Palm.

I have had a Palm IIIxe for over a year now, and have been experimenting throughout with handwriting recognition, downloading Word documents, etc. I don't have much to do with spreadsheets, at least in terms of manipulating them, so my comments are restricted to the Word-related issues.

I had originally registered and used Documents To Go (DTG) which does a good job at bringing in Word documents, with virtually all formatting included, to the handheld. The documents can be read, beamed, etc, and can be manipulated - at least that's what the DTG providers say. But there's no documentation that I could find, unlike most Palm third-party programs (e.g. DateBk, Address+, etc). As well the drop-down menus on DTG are frustratingly sparse and don't appear to offer much power. There is no mention of keyboard support as well.

I haven't used Quick Office at all so have no comments on that program.

I more recently bought Wordsmith from Blue Nomad (the BackupBuddy and InstallBuddy folks) and find it remarkable for what it squeezes into the small Palm device. It comes with a 50+ page well-written manual, a vast range of useful and useable context-sensitive dropdown menus, excellent keyboard support, and so on.

I was a bit baffled about the Palm Watch comments comparing DTG to Wordsmith, and the somewhat patronizing conclusion about Wordsmith's present status and possible future.

Any other experiences in this area to share? Woody - any thoughts?[img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img]