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    Articles for a magazine (Access 2000)

    Does anybody possess a database for articles in a magazine?.I think this kind of database is widely used
    and i possibly might use the idea of a more experienced person.
    I have to make up a database containing the articles for each issue( or number) of the magazine. So i think i will need at least 2 basic tables :
    Issues and Articles. Each issue of the magazine will contain different articles, therefore the table issue must not have an autonumber.But how can i relate it to the table Articles?
    The table articles must contain: title,author,issue number,pages,translation,notes,etc.
    The table issue must contain : number of the magazine, year of the magazine.
    So thse at least are our ideas about the tables.
    What is the best way to create the relationships between the databases.And also, is there a ready make example to have a look for better ideas ?

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    Re: Articles for a magazine (Access 2000)

    This is more of a general answer than specifically to your case. There is nothing wrong with using Autonumber as your Primary key in the One side of a One-to-Many relationship. Even if the main data element is a different type than the long integer generated by Autonumber. Keep in mind that Autonumber does not necessarily have to be seen by anyone on the Front-end of the database. It can be concealed while the user sees something more meaningful - such as Magazine volume number and year.

    Bottom line - I would recommend using Autonumber on your "Issue" table as Primary key (with the understanding that you'll probably want to keep it hidden from the end-user). You can use Queries to display the data so the user always sees Issue number and Year rather than the Autonumber.

    There have been several great discussions by Loungers in the past. If my answer doesn't get you in the right direction, try searching for autonumber relationship (It may take some digging - there are QUITE a few posts that mention both of these words).

    Hope this helps!

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