Afternoon all. I need to get 2000+ contacts from a pst file into Outlook Express (I'm posting this here because this forum is considerably more active than the OE forum).

1. Import|Other Address Book doesn't allow pst files, so I created a csv file of the contacts.
2. Importing the csv file results in a *very* useful error that reads "error importing other address book."

I discovered a registry hack to allow OE to use Outlook Contacts as its address book here ( but it slows things down in OE considerably, presumably because of the large number of contacts.

Then I realized that I could import "mail" into OE from a pst file. Now my question is...if I go through that procedure, and choose the Contacts folder of the pst as the folder I want to import, with OE "know" to put those contacts into its own Contacts/Address Book, rather than adding them as items in the Inbox folder? I want to have some sort of knowledge that I'm not likely to really mess things up by doing this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...