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    Change field legnth via Macro (2002 SP-1)

    Second question, is there a method to change the field length of a text field in a table using a Macro? If not is there an Event Procedure that can be used to do this with VB Editor? I am using a make table query with a linked table, the resulting table always defaults to the field size of the field in linked table, but I would like it to be two characters bigger so I can use an update query to concatenate characters on either side of the data. I am running all of the queries in a series of macros, and have included a row to show the table in design mode to manually modify the field length, since I run the macro repetitively it is not the most efficient use of time. Thanks.

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    Re: Change field legnth via Macro (2002 SP-1)

    It might be remotely possible to do it with SendKeys, but I wouldn't want to have to build it! Why don't you just use a saved table that has the field sizes you want and do a delete query to clear it and then an append query to add the new records? As a bonus, that should run faster than the make table too.

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