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    Driver Crash Reinst. Correct Driver (Win XP Pro)

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    I just had a crash with a transient blue screen (less than a second) and promptly the computer rebooted. Microsoft OCA (Online Crash Analysis) said it was a driver and so do statistics--I have heard MS say around 60-70% of XP crashes are driver mediated according to what they collect. I recently installed the Nvidia Driver Version 40.41Beta for XP 2000 from their site--didn't like the color and installed a Dell for XP that was most recent. I didn't like it's color although the texture was finer it seemed, and things were okay, so I decided to leave things alone for awhile. This raises some questions--hope I can get some help.

    1. <LI>Its good that the blue screen was less than a second--the 21A I had for days was hard to deal with. But I couldn't read it. I copied the error message which was:
      <pre>BCCode : 10000050 BCP1 : FE9D5000 BCP2 : 00000000 BCP3 : F4A2B625
      BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 1_0 Product : 256_1

      COCUME~1ADMINI~1LOCALS~1TempWER4.tmp.dir00sysdata.x ml</pre>

      <LI> I know you can configure the information relating to "dump" at the Advanced tab of Sys Properties, under debugging information--it may have nothing to do with the crash or error reporting but since "minidump" is in the error message--I want to find out the relationship and if there is an optimal way to configure this.
      <LI> First thing I did after I rebooted, was to uninstall the new Dell video driver I suspected of being the reason for my crash. Instead of a blurry image, or no image, or a fuzzy magnified image like the time when a video driver was corrupted (mimicking Safe Mode's apperance without Safe Mode in four corners), I have good color, but moving windows has a jello like "feel" instead of zipping along. Just wonder why?
      <LI>When the computer rebooted, it had the New Hardware Wizard icon in the sys tray, and I have a box up that is titled "Files Needed". It says "The File nv4_mini.sys' on NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Driver Library Installation Disk 1 is needed. I don't know what this means, because I've never had any Invidia Disk--my video card is OEM from Dell--GeForce2.
      Below, it says "Type the files from c:docume~1admini~1locals~1temppfta1~tmp"
      <LI>My big question, besides how to set the dump feature under debugging optimally, is which driver do I choose?--since the last two give me a color scheme I don't like as well but that only shows up on icons--I don't play a lot of games yet.
    Also should I have uninstalled the driver before I put in a new one. I know that the newer sound drivers have an automatic uninstall in the install wizard, but I wasn't sure whether to uninstall this driver. When I replaced the last one, I didn't uninstall.

    Is there a rule on uninstalling drivers before you install them--video or sound. Would really appreciate some input.



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    Re: Driver Crash Reinst. Correct Driver (Win XP Pro)

    Until you read something different on the Nvidia site I'd always uninstall a driver of theirs before installing a new one. Many times installing a new driver without uninstalling the old will leave traces of the old to screw up your machine. Each vendor will handle driver upgrades differently. You really need to check the vendor site and a readme or FAQ before updating.
    Try getting the either the 30.81 (last WHQL certified) or 40.71 (latest WHQL ceritifcation pending) driver from Nvidia. I installed the 40.71 version last night at home. So far so good. But it is beta so YMMV. Your Geforce2 is an Nvidia card. Dell should have provided a driver CD or it is on the stupid recovery CD.
    As far as dump configuration goes - I'd leave it at a minidump unless requested to do otheriwse by MS. I think that most of the time enough information is in the minidump to solve or at least give a solid hint about the problem.


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