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    duplicate monitor

    My dual monitor (21" main, 17" aux) P4 system on my desk is custom mounted into holes cut into the top surface which recess the monitors enough so that I can see using my bifocals. Since I cannot rotate the monitor and I have a small round conference table next to my desk, I would like to setup a single monitor for meetings with the same image that is going to my number 1 main monitor. Is this possible?

    Also, I have an old NEC PowerMate 2000 (Celeron, Win98 unit with the CPU integrated into the base of the flat panel display). Can this be used via USB?

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    Re: duplicate monitor

    The cheapest approach, if both monitors support the identical resolutions, is a "Y" or "splitter" cable. I have used these for presentations around a table where it didn't make sense to use a projector.

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