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    Phantom Template (W97, Win98) (WOrd 97, Windows 98)

    Here's an interesting problem - my client has an MS Access application that opens a new Word document from a template stored on the shared Network drive. This template includes custom formatting for the bullet styles. If you examine the Tools-Templates and Add-ins listing prior to saving the document, the template is listed on the Network drive (N:applWordTemplate,dot); when you save the file and re-open it, the template is listed as being on a non-existent drive, e.g., ( The resulting file may or may not have the correct bullet format, presumably depending on other settings in the user's PC?

    Does anyone know why this phantom location pops up? How can I prevent it from happening? My proposed work-around is to create the correct style in the VBA code that populates the word doc, so the template styles don't matter, but that seems a bit of brute force.

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    Eric Flamm

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    Re: Phantom Template (W97, Win98) (WOrd 97, Windows 98)

    <hr>Does anyone know why this phantom location pops up?<hr>
    My guess, and it's only a guess, is that the user's I drive points to the same server as the N drive.
    <hr>How can I prevent it from happening?<hr>
    I would recommend that in Access, the path to the template gets changed from a mapped drive (N:applWordTemplate,dot) to a UNC Path (

    Using UNC paths is a better idea overall, because if mappings get changed (and they do over time for various resons) applications don't need to be changed.
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